Career Advancement and Retention Program

Career Advancement & Retention Program

Finding a job is a critical milestone for low-income workers struggling to support themselves and their families. But for many, maintaining that job can be equally challenging. The challenges of managing personal and family issues like childcare and household finances, the inability to navigate unfamiliar workplace situations, and a lack of a career path lead many to quit or lose motivation that can lead to job loss.

In response to high rates of job loss among clients who achieve low rates of career advancement, Seedco has implemented a new pilot program that focuses on employment retention and career advancement. Through funding from the New York Community Trust, Seedco’s Career Advancement and Retention program will utilize Seedco’s signature career case management model to help participants retain their current employment, build skills to advance in their career, and move on to other opportunities that offer greater economic stability.

In addition, eligible clients will be screened and assisted to enroll in public benefits using EarnBenefits Online and participate in financial literacy services, each of which increase stability and help families build assets.

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