Employment and Career Development Services


    Seedco helps job seekers and workers enter the workforce and to advance by using proven programs located in New York City and Greater Memphis, Tennessee.

    Services and support for job seekers and workers
    Seedco, along with our community-based partners provides job seekers and workers with services such as job placement, career planning, workshops, and other tools that help them to advance at work. We have extensive experience with under-served groups  including long-term recipients of public assistance, non-custodial parents, and those with a low level of English literacy.

    Services through community-based organizations
    Community-based organizations, with their deep local ties, play a vital role as providers of job services and job placement.  In Greater Memphis, Tennessee, Seedco functions as the intermediary in large initiatives that help individuals make the transition from public assistance to self-support.  This means that we receive contracts and funding from federal, state, and local government agencies and sub-contract to our community-based partners who in turn provide direct services to clients.

    We supplement our government-funding with private grants and donations along with innovative programs that address the specific needs of our clients, while maintaining strict standards of performance measurement and management.