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Please be aware that this year’s Open Enrollment period begins November 1, 2016 and will run through January 31, 2017. You may be eligible to enroll for health insurance outside of these dates under certain circumstances that are considered to be Qualifying Life Events.

As of October 1, 2013, legal residents of all U.S. states have access to affordable health insurance through the health insurance marketplace in their state. Seedco is helping consumers shop, compare, and apply for coverage through partnerships with state and federal agencies in four states to help consumers understand their options and purchase insurance.

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Seedco is partnering with community-based organizations in Maryland and New York to help individuals and families understand, apply, and successfully enroll in health insurance through the marketplace in each state. Seedco and its partners have trained and certified Navigator staff who can answer your questions, provide you with free, confidential, unbiased information about your options, help you determine your eligibility for subsidies and public health insurance programs such as Medicaid, and assist you through the enrollment process.


Shop, compare, and apply online at

Health Insurance Marketplace


Shop, compare, and apply online at If you need assistance, we can help! Seedco and its four community-based partners in the Upper Eastern Shore region are available to answer your questions and help you enroll. Call (866) 492-6057 to find a Navigator near you.

Maryland Health Connection

New York

Shop, compare, and apply online at

New York State of Health


Shop, compare, and apply online at

Health Insurance Marketplace

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