Seedco experts provide testimony about public policies or specific legislation during government hearings on the local, state, and federal levels.

  • Reintegration of Veterans into the Workforce and Small Business Community May 10, 2011 Seedco has launched the Veterans Employment Transition Education Reintegration and Network Services program, an innovative employment initiative that connects veterans to the civilian job market and helps them transition effectively back into their communities.
  • Small Business and Immigrant Entrepreneurs April 7, 2011 Our partnerships with community-based organizations (CBOs) have been key to Seedco’s success in serving immigrant business owners. Creating partnerships with CBOs is central to Seedco’s approach in all of our service areas. They have the experience, history, community trust, and cultural competence to best provide direct services to residents in low-income and underinvested neighborhoods. Seedco remains committed to helping immigrant-owned business and all small businesses in New York City.
  • Governor’s Proposed New York State Budget FY 2011-2012 February 16, 2011 In the climate of slow economic recovery, disadvantaged populations that struggle even in a healthy economy are now facing even greater hardship. In determining its recommendations and restorations in response to the Governor’s proposed FY’ 2012 budget, the committee should consider the extent to which men and women who, without the continued delivery of comprehensive services provided by organizations such as Seedco and our community-based partners, would otherwise be disconnected from the labor market and increase demand for more costly funding streams in the future.
  • A Review of New York City Government Programs to Help Small Businesses January 31, 2011 Seedco operates three Business Solutions Centers – the Lower Manhattan center, the Upper Manhattan center, and the satellite center in Washington Heights – all of which are funded by the Department of Small Business Services (SBS). Additionally, Seedco operates the Upper Manhattan Workforce1 Career Center and as of January 2011 operates the Bronx Workforce 1 Career Center, both of which are also funded by SBS. Further, we currently manage a NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) Back to Work contract, which provides access to job readiness services, skills training, and job placement services to Public Assistance recipients.
  • Young Fatherhood Programs January 24, 2011 To successfully serve fathers, Seedco has learned that tailored, sometimes intensive, services that do not exclusively focus on finding employment are the most promising. Addressing some of the common obstacles non-custodial parents encounter such as legal roadblocks, criminal records (often misclassified), estranged relations with child and custodial parent, unemployment or limited employment history, and low education level to name a few- provides a gateway to both engaging and serving fathers.
  • Increasing Support for Programs that Provide Technical Assistance to Small Businesses February 12, 2010 Francine Delgado, senior vice president for New York City programs, testified to the New York City Council Small Business Committee about increasing support for programs that provide technical assistance to small businesses, such as the Seedco-operated NYC Business Solutions centers in Upper and Lower Manhattan. New York City Council Small Business CommitteeIncreasing Support for Programs [...]