Youth Advancing in the Workplace

Success Story

Carlos Gonzalez entered the Youth Advancing in the Workplace (YAWP) program homeless, jobless and with a baby on the way. Through YAWP training, Carlos learned a number of useful skills such as how to effectively communicate with others at work and what exceptional customer service looks like. This, along with his dedication, helped him to land a job working as a porter at Home Clean Home in Brooklyn, New York, just two days after completing his training sessions. The YAWP team is confident that he will reach his goal of advancing into a higher paid position in pest control. Carlos currently meets with a Career Case Manager to think through his short-term and long-term career paths, make a financial plan with his weekly paychecks, discuss job scams and brainstorm possible housing situations for himself and his family.

– Carlos Gonzalez

Youth Advancing in the Workplace

Youth Advancing in the Workplace

The labor market in New York City presents enormous challenges for young adults, especially for “out of school, out of work” youth between the ages of 18 and 24, who experience an unemployment rate of 20%. Low-income youth often face additional challenges, including lack of education, limited work history, inadequately developed soft skills, and lack of access to supportive resources.

Through funding from the Heckscher Foundation for Children and new partnerships with three New York City-based employers, Seedco has initiated a new pilot workforce development program that addresses the specific barriers faced by unemployed young workers. Seedco’s new Youth Advancing in the Workplace program targets low-income youth in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx who struggle to not only find a job, but to keep it and advance beyond an entry level role. Through partnerships with five local, community-based organizations—Henry Street Settlement, Cypress Hills LDC, Bronxworks, Good Shepherd Services, and St. Nick’s Alliance—participants will complete job-readiness courses and receive job-placement services specific to the employer-based requirements of Seedco’s employer partners. After participants have been successfully placed in jobs, their Career Case Manager will work to ensure retention by helping to address workplace and other challenges, and provide specific opportunities for building skills and attaining credentials that can lead to advancement.

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