Addressing Financial Insecurity

To help address financial insecurity that is common to many low- to moderate-income people, many of Seedco’s programs feature financial coaching to help participants build assets. Seedco’s outcomes- and strengths-based approach to financial empowerment gives individuals access to trained coaches, curriculums developed for financially vulnerable populations, and goal-setting and tracking tools. Seedco’s financial coaching services are integrated into a participant’s overall engagement as a component of case management and healthcare access services.


Youth Advancing in the Workplace | Maryland Health Connection

Re-entering into Society to Excel

Bridges to Careers: Supporting Justice-Involved Young Adults

Youth Advancing in the Workplace

Since 2014, Seedco has worked with young adults in New York City to enter the
workforce, become more independent, and plan for their futures. Our program identifies growing
opportunities, primarily in the food sector, and combines:

  • Relationships with community-based organizations for outreach and recruitment]
  • Cohort training in which participants explore career pathways, prepare for certificate attainment, and get
    support from their peers
  • Long-term career case management, with a focus on financial empowerment
  • Partnerships with employers for placement and advancement

Seedco is a partner in CareerLift, a pilot project with the potential to transform how workforce development programs are sustained. Together with  Social Finance and the NYC Center for Youth Employment, a project of the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC,  Seedco is working toward launching the country’s first pay-for-success funding model in which employers pay a community partner for retention services. Youth Advancing in the Workplace is currently funded by The Pinkerton Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation through the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC.




Maryland Health Connection

Seedco is an official partner of Maryland Health Connection and provides free, confidential in0person assistance to enroll in qualified health plans, dental plans, Medicaid, or the Maryland Children’s Health Insurance Program (MCHP). Our staff of certified Navigators has the expertise to guide consumers through the marketplace, determine eligibility for financial help and cost savings on their health plans, and enroll them in coverage.

Our program has served the Upper Eastern Shore since 2013 and the Southern Region since 2017. Seedco also serves as a regional hub on behalf of Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, providing technical assistance and supporting community partners. Our services are integrated with our partners at local health and social services departments and other community organizations. Seedco also provides wide outreach and information sharing to eliminate barriers to healthcare among the uninsured.

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Re-entering into Society to Excel (RISE)

Building upon the partnerships and systems established across its other local programs serving those with a criminal history background, Seedco established its RISE program in 2018 to improve employment outcomes for adults who have been incarcerated or recently released in the Memphis metropolitan region, including West Memphis, Arkansas.

Seedco’s program integrates case management, job readiness, occupational training, connections to apprenticeship, placement in employment, financial coaching, parenting skills, mentoring, legal services, enrollment in public benefits, and follow-up care. Our strengths are strong community relationships that expand the resources available to participants, including literacy and education, legal services, and health care. Partnerships provide opportunities in distribution and logistics, food, and construction sectors, all experiencing strong job growth locally.

This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor.


Bridges to Careers: Supporting Justice-Involved Young Adults

Starting in 2018, Seedco is scaling its impact in positively affecting employment among young adults that have involvement in the juvenile or adult criminal justice system. The program implements a national model, while integrating localized approaches in New York, Maryland, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The comprehensive program is focuses on in-demand industries and combines:

  • Case management and assessment
  • Occupational training and credential attainment
  • Placement in employment
  • Supportive services, such as financial coaching, parenting skills workshops, mentoring, enrollment in public benefits, and follow-up care

This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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