No-Cost Staffing Services in New York City


    Seedco is committed to helping employers recruit, train and maintain a talented workforce. Seedco offers no-cost staffing services to small, midsize and large employers, saving time and money.  In general, hiring cycles are reduced by as much as 50 percent while recruiting budgets are kept firmly intact.

    The First Step
    Seedco carefully evaluates the job description, the salary and scheduling requirements, the certification prerequisites, and the soft skills that are important to the employer.  Then, we create a customized pre-screening strategy.

    We Source the Talent
    Employers interested in hiring a diverse workforce rely on Seedco. We maintain strong relationships with local community-based partners throughout New York City.   We market employer positions and communicate their hiring needs to our extensive network.

    We Organize and Conduct Pre-Screening Sessions
    All candidates undergo a rigorous pre-screening session conducted by Seedco’s team of trained career counselors.  Only qualified candidates who demonstrate a genuine interest in the position will be considered for the next phase of our process.

    We Coordinate  Interviews
    Seedco will help arrange interviews based on your preferences, availability and the business’ policies and procedures.  We can even provide free interview space if needed.