Success Story: Angela

Angela, a returning US Army veteran, was fortunate enough to find a job in Atlanta, GA after returning from her tour of duty serving our country. But soon after she began working, she realized that as a single, working mother she still needed to supplement her cash flow.

She reached out to the Division of Family and Children Services within the Georgia Department of Human Resources, but they were not able to help her right away.  Around the same time, she received a postcard in the mail from Seedco’s EarnBenefits team, discussing ways that families could access a range of public and private benefits for free.  Angela called immediately.  A week after the initial call, her family was enrolled in SNAP, the supplemental nutrition assistance program which helped her provide quality and healthy food for her family.  She worked with a VITA tax preparer to get her taxes filed for free, and to ensure that she received all the tax credits that she was eligible for.  Seedco also helped her qualify for a subsidized cell phone, so she could stay connected to her children.

Perhaps best of all, the EarnBenefits team coached her through the rental assistance process, resulting in her signing a lease that she could afford for her family.  “My life has turned around after I worked with Ms. Carter [Seedco’s EarnBenefits Marketing Coordinator] and the wonderful staff.  I recommend the program to friends and family all the time who could use the same help I needed,” she says.