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Empowering Young Adults

Low-income young adults have barriers to educational resources and work opportunities, which affect their lifelong earning potential. With comprehensive support, they can create career plans, build professional networks, and develop work experience. Seedco has been successful in helping young adults overcome challenges by working with them on a one-on-one and a long-term basis. 


Youth Advancing in the Workplace |   Turning Point Memphis 

Bridges to Careers: Supporting Justice-Involved Young Adults

Youth Advancing in the Workplace

Since 2014, Seedco has worked with young adults in New York City to enter the
workforce, become more independent, and plan for their futures. Our program identifies growing
opportunities, primarily in the food sector, and combines:

  • Relationships with community-based organizations for outreach and recruitment
  • Cohort training in which participants explore career pathways, prepare for certificate attainment, and get support from their peers
  • Long-term career case management, with a focus on financial empowerment
  • Partnerships with employers for placement and advancement

Seedco is a partner in CareerLift, a pilot project with the potential to transform how workforce development programs are sustained. Together with  Social Finance and the NYC Center for Youth Employment, a project of the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC, Seedco is working toward launching the country’s first pay-for-success funding model in which employers pay a community partner for retention services. Youth Advancing in the Workplace is currently funded by The Pinkerton Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation through the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC.



Turning Point Memphis

Because young adults with a criminal justice history have higher rates of recidivism than older adults, they need a strong support system to re-integrate into their home communities. Seedco initiated its Turning Point Memphis program in 2017 to help young adults coming out of the justice system to get job training and placement in a high-demand sector. In addition, the program provides comprehensive case management, with access to specialized services from partner providers to address health, legal, housing, and other needs. We place a high priority on personal stability, so young adults can focus on employment goals. Participants can also take part in a Young Adults Advisory Council and provide leadership to their peers.

The US Department of Labor funds this program.

Bridges to Careers: Supporting Justice-Involved Young Adults

Starting in 2018, Seedco is scaling its impact in positively affecting employment among young adults that have involvement in the juvenile or adult criminal justice system. The program implements a national model, while integrating localized approaches in New York, Maryland, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The comprehensive program is focuses on in-demand industries and combines:

  • case management and assessment
  • occupational training and credential attainment
  • placement in employment
  • supportive services, such as financial coaching, parenting skills workshops, mentoring, enrollment in public benefits, and follow-up care

Learn more about this program here.

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We have a program specific to Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, New York, and Tennessee – and we are always on the lookout for new communities

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